October 21, 2018
Our College is Approved by AICTE, Govt. Of India & Affiliated to SBTE, Govt. Of Bihar Welcome To Ganga Memorial College of Polytechnic "Direct Registration for Admission is continue for Session 2019-2022" Helpline Number 9473000022 Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited

Organisation Charts

Objectives of the Institution
The institute has a clear vision and objective, in the quest for being an outstanding Centre for learning and development of human resource, which is conducive to the fast changing national and international situations. It shall adhere to consistent policy to recruit highly qualified teachers specializing to develop as a value and need based quality education provider in India and the Bihar state. It ultimate goal is to produce qualified and competent manpower responsive to the changing needs of the society at the national and international level.

Silent Features of Academic Programme

Basic Academic Philosophy of the Institution
The system of technical education at the under graduate level draws attributes like large, growing varied, demanding and diverse. Because of enormous growth in engineering and technology, diverse fields of studies have grown and these attributes seen unrelated. But at the same time, stress is being laid to unify the diversities through the basic tools of analysis and synthesis.
Advanced Computer Learning Process:-

As already mentioned, computer is the central medium for the learning process viz, (1) visualization of concepts and processes through graphics and multimedia in multidimensional continuum, (2) Analytical details under changing parameters and environment, (3) Tutorial software for deeper understanding of the subject, (4) Design exercise encompassing interdisciplinary knowledge, (5) self paced learning, (6) hands on experience for analysis, synthesis, simulation, trouble shooting and severe conditions which normally cannot created without computers.