October 21, 2018
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Mechanical Enginnering

Mechanical Engineering is often called the mother of all engineering. It covers a host of subjects: properties of materials, structural design, material processing, manufacturing, heat engines, refrigeration and air conditioning, industrial management, robotics and much more. The Mechanical Engineering Department of Ganga Memorial College of Polytechnic, is known for research in most of these fields. The main foci of research are on mechanical vibration, CAD/CAM, precision engineering, Metal forming, manufacturing, CFD, Industrial refrigeration and Cryogenics. The academic programmes of the department reflect not only the core areas of Mechanical Engineer but also the research specialization of the faculty.


To provide the society and industry with Mechanical Engineers having superior technical capability and ethical responsibility. To become the best mechanical engineering department in the country for research & development in the emerging areas.


To nurture its students (B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D.) with fundamentals of the subject and an up-to-date technological skill to meet regional as well as national priorities in higher education for industrial application.

The program also strives to enhance learning skill with research capability, quality research and scholarly activities to be integrated with teaching.

 Academic Objectives

 1. To provide excellent preparation for a career in mechanical engineering and prepares students for a career at the forefront of technology.
 2. To train students in the methods of engineering science and in the application of these methods to conceive, organize and carry out the design of engineering systems.
 3.To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects.
 4.To provide students with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems and to prepare them for higher studies.